Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Online

by Zachary

In order to transfer vehicle ownership in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a few documents need to be present. These include the new owner’s name, proof of ownership, vehicle registration, and insurance.

The Mulkiya Card is the official document that will be printed on the name of the new owner. This document will have the car’s ownership certificate, as well as the latest registration card.

To make the most of the process, both the new and the old owners should be present at the same time. They should also be aware of the rules and regulations of the traffic department. If they are not, they could be liable to disciplinary action.

Similarly, car insurance should be transferred as soon as possible. If it is not, the old owner may face fines or even jail time. A new car owner should get a new policy in place.

In addition, there is a surprisingly easy procedure to transfer vehicle ownership. The process entails a trip to the RTA or traffic department in the city of registration and the transfer of the car’s ownership.

Getting the necessary documents prepared is the first step in the process. These include the new owner’s name, address, proof of ownership, insurance, and a new registration number plate.

The process takes about seven to twenty days. The cost of the transfer is minimal, with the average price being around Dh500. However, the fee varies depending on the type of vehicle.

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